2017 Kaohsiung Award
2017 Kaohsiung Art Museum Collections
Transformation of Translation
Text by XUE Bao-Xia
”HSU Ching-Yuan’s photographs are installed in an oval-shaped theatre to display his series of action-based theatrical artworks. The characters in this series were mostly in specific posture and context, the drift wood and glasses used also created a bizarre and eerie setting. It is an unusual setting, and also a fictional narrative. Hsu’s artwork irrevocably tells us the settings are not any part of the real world, but an intentional dramatic scene created by the artist, showcasing it in a surround exhibition space. As viewers enter the space, they are circled in by the unshakable dreamland. However, is it truly a dreamland? Is Imprison a symbol of liberation?! Or maybe the continuing unsettled atmosphere presented in the scene a form of imprisonment!“
XUE Bao-Xia is the Principal of Tainan National University of the Arts College of Visual Arts, Director of the PhD program of the Institute of Visual Arts Creative Theory. This review was originally published on Art Accrediting Periodical, No. 73, page 76. 
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