Imprisonment #18, Archival pigment print, 144x180cm, 2016. (Kaohsiung Award 2017)
HSU Ching-Yuan’s Theatre of Consciousness
Online Solo Show| Photo London Digital 2020
Presented by Galerie Frédéric Moisan, Paris
Date: October 7 – 18, 2020
(Online Viewing on Artsy

To adapt to the situation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the acclaimed fair, Photo London, which usually takes place in May was postponed until October this year, and is to run online in cooperation with the online sales platform Artsy. Selected and represented by the Parisian Galerie Frédéric Moisan, the Taiwanese artist HSU Ching-Yuan is to showcase as planned ten pieces of his work in both black/white and color, entitled “Theatre of Consciousness”, created between 2013-2018. In the form of a subcons-cious photographic chronicle, the presentation demonstrates how the artist reveals his perspective of belief, and it highlights the relationship between men and their living environment. It also reinforces the values of inner visual expression. All works in this show are premiered for the first time in Europe. They are full of symbolism following on from those endowing him with the Kaohsiung Award in 2017 and his solo exhibition Debt Space in 2019.
We can see from this show that HSU Ching-Yuan staged scenes of human consciousness, using symbolic objects such as dead wood and glass which are deeply linked with his personal life experience. All the scenery and objects in these works, achieved mostly on or around the south-western seashore of Taiwan, seem to be distant, yet also familiar. The shapes and bodies appearing in the works are liberated naturally from the artist’s rich imaginary world. Everything seems to be taken from the real world, and yet they look estranged, situated on the other side of a parallel line. Expressing a unique consciousness narrative, the photographs are dotted here and there in a Beckettian style of absurdity and they fully express human confusion and helplessness in the face of the environment we all live in and the ridicule of the world. All the scenes are staged and composed with characters, mummies or mannequins, and always flooded with disorder and chaos: in HSU Ching-Yuan’s theatrical world, the only certainty is the uncertainly of the unknown. All the pictures unfold between symbolism and narrative writing, and are born at the same time when the images appeared. They are mingled closely with the primitive intuition of human life and demonstrate the artist’s pursuit of a form beyond both tangible style and photographic images
Apart from viewing the ten works of HSU Ching-Yuan’s solo show during the two weeks of Photo London Digital, visitors are most welcome to logon to the website of Galerie Frédéric Moisan to discover more of the artist's creation from the relevant period, or to browse this website of the artiste - to learn more of his recent activity and works. A documentary Master (2018) which reveals the complet creative process of one of his works exhibited - Shapes of Existence #119 - is exceptionally viewable during the fair. 

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HSU Ching-Yuan’s Theatre of Consciousness (Solo show) / presented by Galerie_Frédéric Moisan

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